bridal makeup considerations

contributed by Gemma Collins Makeup Artist

You will never be as photographed as you will be on your wedding day!

Wedding makeup differs from regular portrait photography makeup or everyday makeup in that it must be defined enough to make your face look fantastic in photos but also needs to look beautiful and not overdone to the naked eye. Add to that that it must last hours and endure heat, humidity, tears etc and you can see why it’s important to not only make sure you have the right look for you but also that you have a great makeup artist that can make this look a reality.
When deciding on a bridal look it’s a good idea to not go too “out there” from who you are and what you would normally wear-you still want to look like you, but the best version of you! Avoid going for anything too trendy as you don’t want your photos to date (blue eyeshadow anyone??) Also consider the theme and setting for your wedding-a red lip and winged liner will look amazing for a black tie evening ceremony but may look a little out of place at a midday beach ceremony.
Consider the time of the day that your ceremony will take place also, generally if it’s a late afternoon ceremony your makeup will need to be slightly stronger to allow for the darker light.  It’s also worth keeping in mind that if you’re planning on a strong smoky eye these can look a little heavy and cast unflattering shadows if your wedding is earlier in the day so softening the look may be necessary.
A light shimmer looks beautiful in the right places however glittery looks are a no-no as glitter can not only flake onto cheeks but can photograph as “specks”.
Your makeup artist will apply products to contour and highlight the bone structure of your face to ensure your face looks perfectly angled and glowy. This may not be something you are familiar with but trust us it’s necessary to ensure your face does not look “flat” in photos. Powdering lightly to set your base is also necessary to avoid unnecessary shine and ensure longevity.
You will need to decide if you are going to have a spray tan for your wedding day. Tans are great to give you a bit of a sun kissed look safely, they are also great for evening out skin tone.  If you do decide to have a tan I do advise that you have a trial run! It’s very important to ensure that you are happy with the application, the shade and the depth of the tan before the big day. Have a light application applied to your face so you don’t have a drastically different skin tone. Also, consider the rest of your bridal party, you don’t want just one person not tanned or it can look a little obvious, best to chat about your decision and decide what works for you all.
If you are someone who naturally gets a bit red and flushed in your cheeks let your artist know, it may mean we use a less pink shade of blush or we may choose to not use blush at all. Brides tend to be nervous and with that may have a few champagnes before you walk down the aisle, a bit of colour in your cheeks is lovely but we don’t want you red and blotchy looking.
False lashes have come a long in the last few years and in my opinion, are essential to ensuring your eyes look amazing and well defined in photos. Have some applied at your trial so you can ensure you are happy with the style, length and fit of the lashes and so you can get used to how they feel if you have not worn them before.
There are a few options with lashes:
  1. Strip lashes-these come in a variety of lengths, styles and thickness and your makeup artist should stock a variety to suit the look you are after whether it be natural or dramatic.
  2. Individual lashes-these also come in variations of length and can you can have just a couple applied for a slight flick at the edges or layered up for a more dramatic yet still natural look. The only thing to bear in mind for these is if you are someone who touches their eyes a lot you will need to be careful not to dislodge them from their place and if you have a very large bridal party they tend to be unsuitable as they can take longer to apply.
  3. Eyelash extensions-these are a great option for people that can’t tolerate eyelashes. You will need to have them applied a few days before the wedding by your beautician. They will glue individual lashes to your existing lashes and these will shed when the natural lash falls out. Make sure you get them done by a very well trained lash technician!
Your artist will ensure that your eyeliner, mascara and eyelash glue are all waterproof so you will not need to worry about those inevitable tears ruining your makeup!

When choosing a lip colour most brides chose soft shades that look flattering and classic but are also easy to touch up through out the day.

It’s always nice to consider any colour that may be in your flowers and echo this shade with your lip colour as you flowers will be photographed quite close to your face in lots of shots.
If you choose to go a nude shade, avoid anything with a beige or yellow undertone as these can make teeth look yellow. If you are considering going bold and wearing a red lip it’s a nice idea to run the idea past your hubby to be if it’s not something you would usually wear- you don’t want him to more concerned about your lip colour than your first kiss on the big day! Also if you are going for a bold lip you need to be committed to keeping on top of touch ups, there’s nothing worse than worn out lip colour in your photos.
I’m really not a big fan of glossy lips for your wedding day, not only do they wear off very quickly, they will transfer onto everyone you kiss on the day and you run the risk of your hair and veil sticking to your lips especially on a windy day. I’m also not a big fan of traditional long wear lipsticks as these tend to go a bit dry and crumbly on the lips. I find multiple light layers of lipstick and liner are a better option. For darker shades, the new formula lip paints are not only long wearing but transfer resistant making them perfect for brides.
Check out bridal websites and magazines for inspiration and to help you decide on the look you would like to go with. Your makeup artist will be able to assist you with colour selections and give you some guidance if you really can’t decide what you like.