choosing your wedding cake

contributed by Cake Works Bunbury

How do you choose a reputable cake decorator?

Ask your friends and relatives, is there a local business they might recommend? Also do some research online, making sure you check out their website and social media pages. Are there plenty of up-to-date photos and positive feedback? If the photos aren’t up-to-date chances are their work isn’t either. You want to choose someone who is able to provide a wide range of cake designs from traditional and elegant to fun and funky. If their social media and website don’t showcase this, they may not be able to create what you are after. You could also talk to the function co-ordinator from your wedding venue. They will have seen many different wedding cakes and they may be able to recommend someone with whom they’ve had positive and reliable dealings with in the past.

Make sure you book a time to meet face to face with your cake decorator. Do they take everything you are saying on board? Are they friendly and helpful in offering advice? Or are they simply rushing you to make a decision? Make sure you feel happy and comfortable with your choice of cake decorator or you may not be happy with your cake. You should also see the workspace where your cake is being created. Is it clean and hygienic? Do they have the required council approvals? Quality custom cakes from a reputable cake decorator may be expensive – but don’t forget that you get what you pay for. Someone can always say they can do it cheaper, but chances are you will end up with a cake that won’t look or taste as good as you expected.

What type of cake should we choose?

Your wedding cake should not only look amazing, it needs to taste great too! Does your cake decorator offer taste testing? If you are opting to serve your wedding cake as the dessert you don’t want to be serving your guests’ something dry, bland and unappetizing to finish off their meal. Choose a cake that’s compatible with the theme of your wedding, the style of your venue, your gown, the flower arrangements or the menu. The cake should be a part of your wedding, not a glaring, clashing sideshow. Make sure you consider the weather. If you are having an outdoor summer wedding it is best to stay away from soft icings like buttercream – they melt! A fondant covered cake is the better option in this instance as these don’t need to be refrigerated.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to design and order your wedding cake. Some designs require specific items to be ordered in, the less time you give your cake decorator, the more chance there is that these items may not arrive in time so disappointingly you may not get exactly what you want. The more intricate, complicated and detailed the cake, the higher the price tag. If you want elaborately moulded figurines or handmade sugar flowers, it is generally the cake designer’s labour you will be paying for, not necessarily the ingredients. Remember – the more you add, the more the price goes up. As an alternative to custom-made sugar or fondant decorations, you could top off your cake with fresh fruit or with flowers from your wedding florist.  Cake Works Bunbury’s sister shop Gifts on Wellington also stocks a large range of beautiful, fun, funky and elegant toppers to suit any style of wedding cake.

Trust your cake decorator – they have been doing this for a long time. They will be able to steer you in the right direction if you aren’t 100% sure of what you want. Be open to suggestions, they generally know what works well and what doesn’t! With 7 years of business and 30 odd years of combined experience, the team at Cake Works Bunbury are your trusted wedding cake professionals.

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