stress-free wedding morning

contributed by Gemma Collins Makeup Artist

After being present at more wedding mornings than I can possibly count there’s one thing that they all have in common, the morning goes very very fast! But fast does not have to mean stressful, you should enjoy the preparations of getting ready as much as the wedding itself. Here are a few personal recommendations to make your wedding morning as organised, smooth and enjoyable as possible.

timing is everything

  • Have a time schedule printed and on display for everyone to see.

I generally like to have hair and makeup complete one hour before you need to leave for your ceremony. It’s important to remember that some wedding dresses can take up to 30 minutes to get into and you need time for photos after that. Brides usually have their hair and makeup done last while the rest of the bridal party can be getting into their outfits. Then they are all dressed and ready to help you, which also makes any photos taken look much nicer. A printed time schedule will also allow people to see if something is off track and needs to be followed up e.g. the¬†photographer’s arrival time,¬†flowers are late being dropped off, etc.

  • Ensure the bridal party and family members arrive on time for their appointments. Bridal party members not turning up on time or new additional requests can throw hair and makeup timelines into chaos!

If someone is saying they don’t want their makeup done but you think they may change their mind, it’s worth having a chat with your makeup artist before the day, so they may be able to reserve a bit of extra time just in case.

preparation is vital

  • Have all outfits ready to go. Dresses hung up and steamed if necessary, shoes and jewellery for each person under their dress. Ensure things are properly labelled so sizings are not getting mixed up, very important if dresses have been altered in any way.
  • Have still life items e.g. perfume, jewellery, copy of your wedding invitation, shoes all put together ready for your photographer when they arrive. These are usually the first shots done and it saves you being interrupted while having your hair and makeup done.
  • Ensure your hair and makeup team have a bench space to work on with good natural, light and access to power points.
  • Have a wedding attire dry run. Try on all outfits with your intended underwear/shapewear to make sure everything fits and looks good. Ensure at least one person knows how to do up your dress and your dress bustle correctly. If you have any small buttons on your gown a crochet hook will make doing them up and undoing them much easier.
  • Ensure your wedding area is neat and organised. When the time draws closer to you getting dressed and leaving, things often get a bit chaotic. If the area you are getting ready in is kept super tidy it makes it far easier to find things and keeps the background nice and clear for photos.
  • Have any payments outstanding ready and organised at the start of the day. The correct money in a clearly labelled envelope is ideal or if you want one less thing to deal with on the day, discuss paying suppliers their outstanding balances before the wedding day.
  • Have a well-stocked emergency kit on hand for any surprises or issues that may arise throughout the day.

try to relax

  • Create a relaxed atmosphere. Have coffee brewed, champagne chilled (just be sensible and don’t start too early) and music playing, create an area you are relaxed and happy in to soothe the nerves.
  • Have some breakfast and lunch platters made up with light food to keep up your energy levels. Fruit and sushi are great options that are easy to eat and won’t cause too much bloating. Remember to sip water throughout the day to keep hydrated.
  • Consider what you will be wearing. Robes, stretchy sundresses or button up shirts are a great idea. Not only do they look great in photos but it avoids the problem of removing clothes over your head once hair and makeup have been done.
  • Ensure bridesmaids know their responsibilities so you can relax. There are always jobs to do in the lead-up to leaving for your ceremony. Children may need to be fed/dressed, flower stems on bouquets need to be dried, bags packed ready for limos, teeth brushed ready for touch-ups, toenails painted etc. Make sure everyone knows what tasks you need doing so nothing will be forgotten.
  • Don’t plan to do too many setting up tasks yourself, you don’t want yourself or your bridal party running around in the heat/wind/rain while you are trying to get ready. Either hire somebody or get a few trusted people to be your helpers for the day to take care of any jobs for you.
  • Have your mobile on so you can be reached if necessary however if you are finding it stressful having lots of messages or calls coming through pass it on to somebody who can filter any necessary information through to you.

Take the time to try and relax and enjoy the process. Your wedding day will be over before you know it, so you want to make the most of all the opportunities you have throughout the day to enjoy it!