colour styling your reception

contributed by Creations Unlimited

We often get asked “what colours should we use for styling the reception?”

Ultimately the colour choice is yours to make but it is our job as wedding decorators to give you the best advice we can – so here goes.

Traditionally the reception is white with the bridesmaids dress colour used as an accent in chair sashes, flowers and various accessories. Having said this there is no such thing as concrete traditions with today’s modern style weddings. While most couples will still choose the bridesmaids dress colour as the inspiration for styling the wedding reception this does not have to be the case. If you don’t want to use the dress colour in the reception decorations think about a metallic colour. Silver works really well with pinks, blues and purples while gold works well with burgundy, ivory and greens.

Alternatively if you have a really strong bright colour for the dresses you can tone the colour down by a few shades for the decorations. This will create an elegant atmosphere and soften the overall look.

Black & white weddings are also extremely popular at the moment. It creates an elegant and timeless look and goes with any colour you choose for the bridesmaids. Another popular choice at the moment is to have both the chair covers and sash white and add a metallic or crystal encrusted buckle. The table centerpieces can then be used as the focal points for colour in the room.

Is also pays to consider your reception venue. Rustic venues with heavy wooden features can be softened with whites, lighter colours and natural textures. Formal reception rooms can be enlivened with bolder splashes of colour used in styling themes.

Rainbow colours and even alternating colours can also work very well but talk to your decorator about how best to achieve this so it doesn’t look messy. The picture below showing a rainbow styled reception shows how we evenly distributed these colours across the tables to achieve a bright colourful style while still looking elegant. Talk to your stylist/decorator about what will work well with your chosen colours and how to style your reception in the most suitable way to suit your personal style.

Colour is a personal thing but your decorator/stylist is always available to give advice.

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